Spinning out of control

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A woman in England has spent the last year feeling constantly dizzy after she rode a fairground ride that has caused a rare disorder.

Bobbie Lane and her friends decided to have some fun on the fairground ride which lifts riders off the ground and spins them around at Reading Festival over a year ago.

After the ride, Bobbie’s friends quickly got over the dizziness, but Bobbie continued to feel dizzy for the rest of the night, and it only got worse over the following few days.

Bobbie finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Migraine Variant Balance Disorder which is a rare condition which affects a person’s balance and memory.

The condition has changed a lot of things in Bobbie’s life, she constantly feels like she is drunk, she has a list of foods that she can no longer eat (including alcohol, chocolate, dairy products and citrus fruit) and has also had to quit her job as a charity worker as she must avoid all stressful situations.

Doctors can not tell Bobbie how long the dizziness will last but they are confident her condition is curable and Bobbie hopes that one day she can get her old life back.

Article written by D Mulhern

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  1. Aww!

    I feel so sorry for her!

    I know for a fact that its AWFUL to be dizzy..

    I hope she gets better soon because it must stink to be dizzy ALL THE TIME!!!!

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