The SolaRoad

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The town of Krommenie in the Netherlands has officially opened the SolaRoad – a bike lane made up of solar-powered cells that will generate power for traffic lights, houses, electric cars and street lights.

Biking on the lane will not create power, but the cells making up the lane soak up the sun to generate energy. This concept creates an energy source out of a road surface which is exposed to the sun daily.

The idea was developed in a cycle lane as biking is a large form of Dutch transportation, it also holds less weight than a typical road or highway which make it easier for the idea to be tested and altered where needed.

Over 3.5 million euros was invested in this project.

Article written by D Mulhern

15 Responses

  1. It is cool and weird at the same time I would love love to go on that solaroad in the Netherlands

  2. Great idea, not sure why on EARTH YOU WOULD MAKE A PATH FOR 3.5M EUROS (Almost 60M in NZ Dollars!!!) But apart from that its greeaaat…

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