Soft drink companies agree water-only for primary schools

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Soft drink companies have agreed  to stop selling sugary drinks in schools.
Last week the New Zealand Beverage Council decided to only sell bottled water to primary and intermediate schools and to avoid directly selling sugar-sweetened soft drinks or any energy drinks to secondary schools.
The council also announced that they will work with third party wholesalers to encourage them to stick to the commitment.
University of Auckland public health lecturer Simon Thornley said if that was achieved it could be very beneficial – but there was no enforcement and there were potential loopholes.
Although the industry produces the drinks, it does not directly sell them, and the crucial area is whether retailers take the pledge on board, he said.

23 Responses

  1. I think this is amazing news as my school canteen should sell things with lower amounts of sugar and cholesterol.

  2. Thats great news and besides we don’t even have soft drinks at our school. PS I don’t even drink soda that often!

  3. i don’t mind because i don’t get soft drinks at school i didn’t know you could

  4. My school doesn’t even have soft drinks.
    But my school is obsessed with fidget spinners
    Fidget spinners are invading the world

  5. Fizzy drinks are so bad for your teeth! I’m glad that the soft drink companies have agreed to this.

  6. Wow! ?That’s great news because then we don’t have to be so exited in the morning and then be all grumpy in the afternoon.

  7. I think this is amazing news it is interesting I love it it can be the beast thing in the world.

  8. Water is better but dude just don’t have too much of the fizzy and then ur a ok. I’m kind of annoyed.

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