Snapchat Spectacles in America

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Snapchat has finally released their much anticipated glasses.

Snapchat Spectacles make memories, from your perspective. You press the button to make a 10‑second Snap. Lights show friends you’re Snapping.

The recording then wirelessly gets added to your memories on Snapchat, ready for you to share.

However, they aren’t available yet in New Zealand. The only way to get a pair is to track down one of the Snapbot vending machines that have been popping up around America.

The vending machines themselves are interactive. The yellow boxes, with balloons, are designed to look like a cyclops cartoon that wakes from a nap when someone walks in front of it.

The display lets a shopper virtually try on the glasses in coral, black or teal. After swiping a credit card, the glasses are dispensed through the cyclops’s mouth.

Consumers are flocking to the machines, often to be turned away when supplies run out.

If the excitement surrounding Spectacles continues and they are adopted by a large number of users, they alone might change the way Snapchat is used.

The spectacles cost US$130 (NZ$130). However, they are already going for as much as US$1000 (NZ$1400) a pop on EBay as the current stock of Spectacles is already sold out.

The next Snapbot location will be posted on Spectacles.com 24 hours before the vending machine arrives, the company said.

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