Snapchat named worst app for privacy

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Snapchat has been announced as the worst app for protecting your privacy.

A study from Amnesty International has found several of the messaging services are putting user’s human rights at risk and opening users’ information up to cyber criminals.

The study looked at the data protection of 11 of the world’s most popular messaging apps and then ranked them on the following;
– how they use encryption to protect users’ privacy.
– how they make users aware of threats to their rights.
– how they close details of government requests to the company for user data.

Amnesty International said that young people are most at risk because of the volume of messages and pictures they share.

Snapchat stood out as one of the worst in the group. The study found it had no end-to-end encryption which means messages and photos from more than 100 million daily users are not scrambled on their journey from the sender to the receiver.

They were also given zero marks in one area because the app doesn’t inform users about its lack of encryption.

Amnesty International’s ‘Message Privacy Ranking’:

Snapchat – 26/100
Skype – 40/100
Kakao Talk – 40/100
Viber – 47/100
Line – 47/100
Google (Allo, Duo, Hangouts) – 53/100
Telegram Messenger – 67/100
Apple iMessage and Facetime – 67/100
Facebook and Whatsapp – 73/100

Apple, Line and Viber are the only three apps ranks that offer end-to-end encryption by default on all their messaging apps.

4 Responses

  1. me and my sisters love snap chat so much but we don’t exactly know what has happened and why it is the worst app ever to be created

  2. instagram is the worst app for privacy because anyone in the whole wide world can see your photos but on snapchat only your friends can see your photos

  3. After reading this, I don’t really want to have Snapchat anymore… This creeps me out a bit. But it will be ok.

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