Six ideas for Christchurch memorial

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Six designs have been put forward for the design of the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial.
The finalists were revealed today and will be open for public consultation from next week.
The memorial to the 185 killed in the February 2011 quake is to be located on the banks of the Avon River, between Montreal Street and Rhododendron Island.
More than 330 designs were submitted from 37 countries.
One of the designs is called ‘Memorial Ribbon Wall’ and shows a wall made of rubble, while another is called ‘Table and Chairs’, which is made up of 185 empty chairs.
The final six will be on display at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens between 24 February and 15 March.
The final decision rests with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister.
The six shortlisted designs are below.

EQM 1896 – “Memorial Ribbon Wall”

EQM 1896: Memorial Ribbon Wall design panels

EQM 1978 – “Table and Chairs”

EQM 1978: Table and Chairs design panels

EQM 2207 – “A Green and Peaceful Landscape”

EQM 2207: A Green and Peaceful Landscape design panels

EQM 2423 – “Call and Response”

EQM 2423: Call and Response design panels

EQM 2378 – “The Memorial Wall”

EQM 2378: The Memorial Wall design panels

EQM 2249 – “Hei Maumaharatanga – In Memory”

EQM 2249: Hei Maumaharatanga - In Memory design panels

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