A sinking feeling

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Forget sharks, scorching heat and jellyfish, Australians now have another thing to watch out for – sinkholes!

A 45 year old woman in Melbourne was helping an elderly resident hang up her washing when a sinkhole opened up beneath his feet, leaving her to fall 9 feet (3 metres) beneath the ground.

The woman landed in a pool of water at the bottom and was forced to tread water to keep her head above the surface for 20 minutes until she could get the attention of a neighbour.

A rope was used to pull the woman out of the water with the help of County Fire Authority workers. Although the woman was shaken up, she was unharmed in the incident.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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  1. i think there is a gramma mistake cause at the start it says A 45 year old woman… but then it goes to… his feet, leaving her to fall 9 feet (3 metres) beneath the ground.

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