Shipping container houses?

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To keep up with Sydney’s demand for affordable housing, one company has come up with a new idea…living in shipping containers!

The company’s CEO believes that the idea will provide a clean and productive way to provide affordable urban housing which will save space and keep the city living cost effective.

Turning shipping containers into homes has appeared in various forms in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa and the U.S.

Last year the business made $1.5 million dollars and the company expects to make double that as the idea grows more popular.

The cost of construction and sale price is less than a brick building and there are environmental and construction advantages too.

The shipping container itself is recycled and the use of solar composting toilets is part of the goal to use as many eco-friendly products as possible.

A house can be built out of shipping containers from scratch in just three weeks. Windows are cut out and the containers are welded together and on top of one anther to provide multiple storey houses.

Although many are hesitant to live in a recycled steel container, more and more architects are realising the possibilities they provide, with more than 34 million shipping containers around the world, many lying unused.

So what do you think, would you live in a shipping container house? Before you say no, check out the amazing finished houses below!









Article written by  D Mulhern

11 Responses

  1. awesome!!!!! cool idea. those houses really prove what u can do with a metal container!!!!

  2. OMG there SO COOL!!!!!!
    And they look flash how much do they cost I won’t one!!!!!!!

  3. I want one i want one it looks so cool !!!!!

    And no it’s not like a prison cell

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