‘Selfie’ added to the Oxford dictionary

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The word ‘Selfie‘  has been added to the Online Oxford Dictionary.

Apparently we all use the words so much in everyday life that experts who put the dictionary together say they all qualify for the new edition.

A ‘selfie’ is of course a self-portrait taken on your phone.

The word Phablet was also added which is is a cross between a phone and a computer.

Other new entries include “hackerspace” and “apols”.

Nicola Burton, a spokesperson for Oxford Dictionaries Online said: “Technology remains a catalyst for emerging words and is reflected in new entries.”

On average around 1,000 new entries are added to Oxford Dictionaries Online every year.

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36 Responses

  1. Awesome I said to my mum and dad selfie is a word in the dictionary but they won’t listen.

  2. It actually hasn’t it’s been added to the Oxford Online Dictionaries, not the Oxford Dictionary itself!

  3. Great! Because my parents were looking at my pictures and they were like “what are these?” and I said “they’re selfie’s. Go look thm up in the dictionary!” 😀

  4. I reckon that words these days just aren’t realistic, because you know, selfie doesn’t really sound like a word, same with hackerspace and apols, they are just really weird words…don’t you reckon??


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