Seddon rocked by earthquakes

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The small Marlborough township of Seddon was rocked by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake on Friday afternoon.
The quake struck at around 2:30pm and was followed by a number of large aftershocks later that day and then over the weekend.
Roads around the area were cracked with State Highway 1 south closed due to slips.
Train services to the ferry were also halted.
At this stage nobody was seriously hurt in the quakes but property damage in the area and also in Wellington has been severe.
A scientist who specializes in earthquakes has said that people in central New Zealand are living with a 20 per cent – one in five – chance of another magnitude 6 quake within a week.
This is a good time to remind people to make sure they have everything ready in case an emergency occurs.
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11 Responses

  1. All our school was in the hall and we have long hanging light and they were going everywhere and everyone was screaming!

  2. I HATE these earthquakes because we had one at the start of our assembly and all the year 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s all screamed and we had to evacuate the hall and I had one at home when I was playing War Thunder on the computer and I’m just like “Meh another earthquake what’s the worst that could happen” Since it was my 8th one. 😀

  3. That was scary it was shaking in the hall then there was a smoke after shock that was so so scary some pole fell onto each other owch. We actuated the hall and the warden talked


  5. i did not feel it cuz we were at the YMCA and the teacher is randomly like “EARTHQAKE!GET INTO TURTLE MODE!”it was weird and i thought it was a drill

  6. I was at school, and I was reading, and sometimes I get into books, but then the room started shaking and I’m like “Hmm. This book isn’t even about earthquakes. That’s odd’ And then we were in the library and it was shaking and I’m like ‘Thank goodness we got the building strengthened!’ XD

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