SeaWorld to stop breeding Orca

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SeaWorld, the US theme park operator, has announced that it is ending its orca breeding programme.

The decision means the orca whales currently at the parks will be “the last generation”.

SeaWorld has a total of 12 parks across the US and over the last 5 years has faced heavy criticism over alleged poor treatment of its captive orcas.

SeaWorld stopped capturing live marine mammals around 20 years ago. The majority of its 29 orcas having been born in captivity.

Activists have called for the orcas to be released into the wild but SeaWorld claims they would likely die.

SeaWorld’s shares rose as much as 6 percent in morning trading following the announcement.


37 Responses

  1. Please don’t say that this is sad. It’s sad that the Orcas are there anyway. It’s so heartbreaking to see people saying “aww nooo that’s sad”. If you want to see Orcas, It’s best you see them in the wild, it’s safer and better that way anyway.

  2. Well, people can watch orcas in the wild with the orcas having no training. I wonder why people put orcas in captivity anyway….

  3. Whale Rescue co-founder Jo Halliday said orcas were “just like humans” in that they had highly developed brains, were naturally curious about their surroundings and lived in tight social structures,so i think it is mean to keep them in captivity.

  4. i love Orca, they are cute. and i have no idea why they don’t feed Orca any more.

  5. I don’t like it when humanity always endangered animals. It always makes me wanna cry hard-out inside

  6. That’s really sad I like orca
    Although they do need to be free where the breeding program can continue.

  7. Why are you sad if you like orca’s then why arn’t you happy there getting treated like a fish in a fish tank what if they want to get out and they cause disruption.

  8. Oh I went to California and I saw those orcas.Thats so sad! Well it’s good for the orcas.

  9. thats good that they are bredding orca they are so beautiful
    and i love animals and subscribe to xandergamerpro

  10. a lot of the time people think that orcas eat humans,but its not true,its because when were on a surf board we look like a turtle,and if were just swimming its because we look like a seal

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