Screens to replace windows on planes

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A Super-fast passenger jet is planning to replace its windows with ultra-thin screens which will display the world outside.

The news screens will show images from cameras mounted outside of the jet and then project them to huge screens inside the plane.

Windows on planes cause ‘drag’ which slows them down, but without windows this jet could easily reach supersonic speeds.

The jet will be capable of travelling at over 1,100 mph and will get passengers from London to New York in half the time it takes normal planes.

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30 Responses

  1. That is such a good idea! Another good thing about it is that the flights will be quicker!

  2. I think the screen replacing windows is an AWESOME idea but it’s gonna cost ALOT of money.

  3. Right so at first I saw the ‘replacing windows’ part and I was like NO but…then I carried on reading and was totally on board with the idea XD

  4. I don’t want to go on that plane because I don’t want to be shut off from the real sky.

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