Scientists invent robot fish

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US engineers have built the first ever self-contained, completely soft robot – in the shape of a small octopus.

Made from silicone gels, the “octobot” is powered by a chemical reaction that pushes gas through chambers in its rubbery legs.

Because of this design, the robot does not need batteries or wires – and contains no rigid components at all.

However, the octobot can’t yet walk, instead it sits in one place and pumps alternating legs up and down in a very slow, eight-legged can-can.

But because that dance is powered purely by the robot’s internal chemical system, the Harvard researchers say their system marks a key step forward for soft robotics.

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  1. That is so cool I wonder when you can go to the stores and buy one of those amazing robot octopuses

  2. great work on that i would want one like the colour and the movement great stuff guys but u should call it octopus ha not a fish ha

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