Scientists aiming to bring back Woolly Mammoth

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Scientists believe that they are well on the way to bring back a Woolly mammoth from extinction.

A firm in the United States has raised $15m towards the experiment.

Scientists are set on creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid, with first calves expected in six years.

Woolly mammoths vanished 10,000 years ago from the face of the Earth.

The team of scientist believe they can create the elephant-mammoth hybrid by making embryos in the laboratory that carry mammoth DNA and skin cells from Asian elephants.

These embryos would then be carried to term in a surrogate elephant or maybe in an artificial womb.

If all goes to plan – and the hurdles are far from trivial – the researchers hope to have their first set of calves in six years.

38 Responses

  1. We hope this succeeds, although it could be dangerous having a woolly mammoth in your lab! Epic news though, can’t wait until the first calf is born in 6 years

  2. Thats great news! But be careful otherwise they can be dangeras!
    If this works you could tame them like pets! And you can relese them too!

  3. Why are they doing this? What if they bring danger to earth, but on the other hand it does sound cool though

  4. Well, they could kill a lot of animals in the wild. Besides, do we eat woolly mammoths nowadays? No, of course, So why don’t we bring back more pigs, cows and chickens? That will be worth the money.

  5. This is so interesting I hope they can bring it back right now! I’m really interested in wooly mammoths

  6. wow that is cool but how would they make one they idk if they would make one out of meet or something but it would be cool to see one.

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