Scientist find size of Mars’ crust

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Scientists have determined the size of Mars’ crust as approximately 20 kilometres to 39 kilometres thick.

The scientists used data from Nasa’s Insight Mission to Mars.

The Insight Mission Probe, which landed on Mars in 2018, has a seismometer which can sense vibrations underneath the ground.

By learning more about what is underneath a planet’s surface scientists can learn more about Mars’ formation and evolution.

The scientists found the Mars doesn’t actually have tectonic plates like Earth does. But scientists believe that vibrations under the surface could have been caused by meteorites hitting the surface.

The crust and mantle on Mars are made up of different type of rock. The data suggests that the top layer is eight kilometres thick, but there could be two kilometres higher or lower than that.

After this layer, another separate layer follows which is 20 kilometres, but could be five kilometres higher or lower.

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