Schools forced to find foreign teachers to fill shortage

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Schools throughout New Zealand must find nearly 1000 teachers from other countries to ensure they are fully staffed for next year.
Principals said they had no choice but to seek teachers from overseas because there were not enough local teachers to fill their vacancies.
The government announced that it had increased the number of overseas-based teachers it was seeking for next year from 400 to 900 because schools would need about 850 more teachers next year.
Overseas’ teacher recruitment would cost $40 million. This includes money for advertising, $5000 relocation grants and $3000 finders’ fees for successful teachers.
The recruitment campaign targeted New Zealanders working in other countries, as well as foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Fiji.
Principals are saying it is only a temporary solution to the teacher shortage.

12 Responses

  1. Why don’t they want foreign teachers? They word it so angrily. Also apparently they don’t want foreign teachers because they won’t teach “Kiwi Values”, but that proves it is about money, because there was a solution to the problem but they didn’t want it.

  2. Rather than spending $40 million on recruiting foreign teachers, you could use it on paying teachers more so then people will want to become a teacher and you won’t have such a shortage

  3. The $40 million dollars will only pay teachers for a while, this is a permanent solution to it, or at least something that will last longer. Although the teachers do want more money and not much else, it still isn’t a permanent solution.

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