Saturn’s secrets uncovered

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NASA’s Cassini space probe has dived through the narrow gap between Saturn and its icy rings to take its first pictures of the planet.

They are the closest images ever taken of Saturn. There is a picture of a hurricane system, and it does look a bit like the hurricanes you see on earth – but this one’s enormous and it’s on Saturn.

As well as taking more photos, the probe would sample the atmosphere to give scientists a better understanding of the sixth planet from the sun.

Cassini will self-destruct in September by plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere, concluding its 20-year mission.

16 Responses

  1. why does the probe have to self desruct?
    why can’t they just send it back?

  2. Awwwsssooommmeee it’s such a relief
    that the hurricane isn’t on planet Earth

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