Russians to face jail for insulting anthem

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Russia’s Supreme Court has cleared the way for a new law to make it a criminal offence to insult the national anthem.

At present insulting the anthem is a civil offence that involves a fine of $45-$2,200 ($60NZD-$3000NZD).

The new law will bring it into line with the state flag and coat of arms. Insulting these items is already a crime.

The law has been made following a mistake which was made on the 8th April in Crimea.

During an important government ceremony the video editor put up the first set of words he found on the internet, not realising that they mocked Russia.

The subtitles described Russia  as “insane”, “slavish”, and “boastful”.

The video clip of this has since been watched by over 370,000 people on YouTube.


7 Responses

  1. I think that it is very interesting and that the camera man should be put in jail it is just rude what showed up on the screen.

    I hope some more people will comment on this it is a very interesting article and Shem Banbury keep writing these good articles.

    I think they are very detailed, And the photos on all of them are amazing!!!

  2. Okay that is weird I can’t believe it but I guess it’s fair. Did Know that The Main Editor and Owner works a Aquinas College. He is so cool

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