Rocket Lab to go to the moon

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New Zealand space company Rocket Lab will launch its first mission to the Moon later this year.

The launch will be made from the Māhia Peninsula and it will be the space company’s first lunar mission. It will also be the first lunar mission to be launched from New Zealand.

Rocket Lab will be working with NASA for this moon landing attempt.

The programme will be called the Artemis program. A key goal of the programme is that NASA wants to land the first woman and first person of colour on the Moon.

However, for this mission Rocket Lab will be placing a small satellite around the moon to help with planning the later stages of the mission.

It will test out orbit and navigating technologies NASA wants to eventually use for its mini-space station, Gateway, which astronauts will use as their base to descend to the lunar surface.

The programme will cost around $10 million, which is very cheap for a lunar project.

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