Robot learning to load dishwashers

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Developers of a robot, revealed on September 12th, claim it will be loading dishwashers by next year. 

“Boris” was built at a cost of about $700,000 NZD and took five years to complete. 

Boris the Robot has sensors on his face and wrists which “see” objects. In 10 seconds, Boris comes up with 1000 possible ways to pick up an object with his robotic hand and five robotic fingers avoiding other objects in his way. 

Boris will be able to see an object he wants to pick up amongst many others, figure out where he wants to place it in the dishwasher and then load it.

The key to this robot is that he has been programmed to learn how to pick objects up, not just to pick it up. 

Maybe by next year, we will all have a Boris in our homes loading our dishwashers. 

Written by Charlotte Cull

Article written by  Charlotte Cull

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  1. Lets not rely on things man made for we all know they dont last for ever… they may last for decades and decades, but thats NOT forever!!♥♡ ^o^ – Honey/Jazz

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