Rise in electric scooter accidents

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There’s been a spike in electric scooter-related injuries in Auckland and Christchurch.
An American based company called Lime has put 600 e-scooters and 400 in Christchurch as part of a three-month trial in New Zealand. The top speed for the scooter is 27km/hr.
However, the new mode of transport has caused a huge spike in accidents, including broken collarbones, broken kneecaps, a number of concussions and somebody who had a collapsed lung.
Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are looking into a review to create better safety regulations for the scooters.
Users are currently able to ride the scooters without helmets.

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  1. I was riding a electric scooter very fast and I crashed, I had to go to the A&E and it very hurt luckily I didn’t break a bone.

  2. It does an issue. One of my friend got concussion by riding e-scooter recently and could not attend the exam in uni. She went to see the doctor many times and sometime temporary lost her memory and felt faint. Wearing the helmet is a compulsory.

  3. The rules on the e-scooter say you have to have a drivers license to be able to access it and be 18 years old and over.

  4. they sound bad but i want to ride one and it is a more greener way to travel but they are dangerous

  5. why dont we just use a NORMAL scooter there more beneficent because there enviroment-freindy 😀

  6. So sad to think about but you need to watch out for those scouters they can be fun but there dangerous

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