Ring of Fire Eclipse seen in Northern Hemisphere

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A ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse has produced stunning images for Northern Hemisphere countries.

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, blocking it’s light.

This year’s solar eclipse is special because it is an ‘annular solar eclipse’.
This means that the Moon is too far away to completely hide the Sun’s light. The result is a little bit of light peeking around the edge, making it look like a shining ring in the sky – which is where it gets the nickname ‘ring of fire’ eclipse.

The best view was from parts of Africa. Some parts of Europe were able to see the partial eclipse, and some telescopes are streaming the event online for everyone to see.

There will be one more solar eclipse this year on 14 December, which will be a total eclipse, meaning the Moon completely blocks the Sun’s rays. It will mainly be visible to people in Chile and Argentina.

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