Restaurant bans ketchup

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If you are over 10 years old, then you are now banned from having ketchup with any meal at the Mad Fresh Bistro in Florida.

The owner of the restaurant, also the chief, says he is tired of customers asking for ketchup with their meal, especially with his burgers which he claims do not need ketchup as they already have sauce on them.

There is a warning on the restaurant’s website telling customers that is they are over 10 years old, ketchup will not be provided.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the restaurant also will not provide salt with meals, saying that customers should trust the chef to provide what the dish needs before it is served.

Many customers are unhappy with these new rules as they believe they should have whatever they want with their food since they are paying for it.

One customer tried to sneak ketchup into the restaurant and was kicked out!

Would you eat here?

Article written by  D Mulhern

52 Responses

  1. I would never go to that restaurant that is just pathetic. He’ll probably lose about half his customers over this

  2. no way i would eat there, if you are paying for it then it should be your choose of what extra things you want on it, even if that means more salt and tomato sauce

  3. Awwh!

    I like ketchup on my chips and stuff..

    Im eleven which totally stinks..

    My 7 year old ‘ brother ‘. Will say HA HA I GET KETCHUP AND YOU DONT!!

    And I will be like who cares..


  4. How could u thats so mean if im paying for my food i want what i want thats against human rights #HumanRights

  5. What that is pretty mean how lazy is he I would not eat there if he said NO KETCHUP to your child and they felt so sad you would feel like getting a refund and running out with your child to another restaurant that’s NORMAL.

  6. I would never eat here! I love Ketchup and I have it with just about every hot food and I always ask for it at McDonalds. How ridiculous!

  7. I think customers should be able to have tomato sauce with their meal if they want to, they are paying for it so the chef should let them.

  8. this is stupid if u pay for the meal i think u should be allowed to deicide if you want sauce PS;why under 10

  9. personly i think that this is asboulutly stupid.Ketchup is deluecouis i would never go in any resturant that does not provide ketchup. Honestly we are the ones who are paying for it. Most definintly NO! Never in a million years.

  10. I would never eat there because if you had fries and you asked for ketchup and they said no your to old I’d walk out and ask for a refund. But luckly I live in NZ.

  11. That guy is so stupid, and it’s not fair on the customers either, they payed for the meal, they should be able to have tomato sauce and salt.

  12. I think that that is really silly because you are paying for it so you should be able to have what you want on it 🙁
    I think they are going to lose a lot of customers and I would never go there!

  13. SAY WHATT?????? Thats a stupid rule there paying for it they should have what they want. Pretty soon they are probably gonna have no customers at all.

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