Rejected Baby Names

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Do you have a rather common name? One that you hear everywhere? Well you should be grateful! Some parents have been going a little overboard on trying to give their child a unique name, which had led to New Zealand government ‘banning’ some of the chosen names.

Internal affairs rejected over 60 names last year which were deemed offensive or too bizarre. Amongst the names rejected was “Special Constable”, “Mr”, “Lucifer”, “Queen”, “Bishop”, “Major” “Royal-Rule”, “3rd” and 5 sets of parents were also stopped from naming their child “/”.

The department has also announced its new rules which will not allow families to name children anything that held ‘title or rank’ banning “Princess”, “Prince”, “Duke”, and “Majesty” and will also refuse any name containing a swear word or a name with religious connection such as “Christ”.

Numbers and symbols that cannot be pronounced will also be rejected along with names containing more than 99 letters.

What do you think? Should parents have the right to name their kids whatever they want or do you agree that certain names should be rejected for the sake of the child?

38 Responses

  1. WOW some of those names are crazy. I wouldn’t want any of those names!!! Good job on banning them!!

  2. I think that they can name them anything, it IS their baby!!! Only I’m not so sure about the swear words……

  3. I think parents should have the right to name their chlid what they want because after all its their child it not internal affairs’

  4. This is really weird why would you ban names and why would you call your child “/”???

  5. I agree that those names should be baned it would be horrible for children if they had not been baned

  6. I think that those names should be banned. What will happen to their child as they grow up if parents do give their children names like that!

  7. i think that the parents should be able to name their kids what the want its not the governments baby is it?

  8. I personally think that we should be allowed to name children Princess, Prince, Duke, and maybe Majesty, but religious would offend some people, but we DEFINITELY shouldn’t name a child a swear word, that would be awful :O

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