Record amount paid for Marmite

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Marmite was in short supply after the Sanitarium manufacturing plant was damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. It was known as “black gold” as stocks ran out nationwide.
Back then, Sir Peter Leitch, aka The Mad Butcher, first bought the jar for a whopping $2300 at a charity auction.
Sir Peter’s jar was extra special because it was signed by former All Blacks coach Sir Graham Henry.
Now it’s going under the hammer once more to purchase iPads to support children with a range of long-term developmental problems.
The Well Foundation needs $25,000 to reach the $122,000 target to equip community therapists with iPads.
Sir Peter, who struggled with dyslexia during his youth, says the ipads will help open up a new world for the children in particular.
“I understand some of these kids have severe disabilities,” he says. “This project will give them a few more options so they too can enjoy some of the learning the rest of us take for granted.”

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  1. Wow! $2300 for a jar of marmite for Dyslexic children. I think that this is for a great cause and will help the children get iPads to help their learning. It’s also significant as it is signed by Sir Graham Henry.

  2. i think that this is a reasonable price for marmite, i don’t like it but will buy it for my fellow wrestlers.

  3. I think marmite is sorter sour &even though i don’t like it that is a reasonable price.

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