Record 1378 trees in a church

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A Christmas tree festival has again broken its own record for the number of trees in a church.

St Mary’s in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire hosted 1,378 specimens, 124 more than last year -which is the then largest in the country.

The festival, which raised £20,000 (NZ$36,000) for charity in 2015, started with 100 trees 14 years ago.

This year’s festival will raise money for Home-Start and for the restoration of the church which will take most of 2017.

Each tree is made by schools, community groups, organisations and companies from around Melton and further afield including one from the USA.

Not all the trees are real with one made of miniature beds and another of a rotating ladder and twisted metal.

8 Responses

  1. This is actually bad that they are taking more trees than they actually need. If the trees are real then the world has lost a lot

  2. I love how creative these people are, and how they must have spent so much of their time to help the church and Homestart is just so benevolent! I do also feel rather bad because of the environmental impact this must have had, but the cause is just almost worthy of it.

  3. this is terrible what are they gonna do with the trees through them away what a waste of trees why,we already chop down alot of trees and we just did a lot more what a waste

  4. Are they cutting down the trees? It is very bad for the environment and decreases the population by quite a lot, whats more, these trees take a while to grow and they just cut them all down! I don’t mind knowing 1 family has 1 christmas tree each, because that isn’t greedy, but this?…

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