RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Chicken Burgers with Picklenaise  

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Check out these healthy and tasty chicken burgers.

Serves 4


Ciabatta buns 

600g chicken breast

1 ½ cup iceberg lettuce 

2 tomatoes 

50g sliced Edam cheese

3 tbsp mayonnaise 

3 tbsp lite sour cream 

45g gherkins 

Juice of ½ lemon 

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 


  1. Simply tenderise the chicken and pan-fry until juices run clear.
  2. Toast the ciabatta buns in the pan to crisp them up a little.
  3. Slice the tomato into rings.
  4. Finely dice the gherkins and combine them in a bowl with the sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice and wholegrain mustard.
  5. Build the burger by filling the bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, chicken and pickle mayo. Enjoy!

Thanks to the team at NourishAppfor supplying this recipe. Make sure you check out all of their recipes on the NourishApp.

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