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  1. Some kids can take the bad behaviour away and use it in real life. But thats why we have Restrictions. So I think its fine.

  2. I think that some reality TV is good because it can teach you life lessons but also bad because it can teach you to do bad things as well, so it is sort of 50-50.

  3. I think that it can sometimes have a bad message to us because sometimes it encourages us to be like the bad guys. I also think it is sometimes good for us because it lets us know what is happening in the world. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😛 😛 😛 ;P

  4. Some T.V shows have good life skills that you can learn off like M.K.R aka My Kitchen Rules, their amazing cooking skills, Survival, how to survive in the wild, and a lot more.

  5. I think there are mixed messages that you get from reality TV. At the beginning of shows, it says whether it is is suitable for kids or yes – parents need to keep an eye on what kids watching.

  6. I think Reality TV shows have bad influences on really young kids and it can encourage bad behavior.

  7. I think reality TV is not good in some programs. kids can watch it and learn something bad, and use it around their family.

  8. when adult are watching fighting and drugs in the movies and your kids will like fighting and drugs

  9. I think it depends on the TV show your watching, for example in Survivor you can learn life skills to survive. But nearly all Reality TV shows send bad and inappropriate messages.

  10. I think that it’s a bad influence because it is mostly scripted and most of it is fighting.

  11. I think yes and no because some reality tv show can teach you something. I think no as well because if you watch it far too long you can get angry when it stops or ends

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