Real sized Noah’s Ark

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A Christian organisation in the US state of Kentucky has built a life size recreation of Noah’s Ark.

The ministry, Answers in Genesis, claim that the ark will stand as proof that the stories of the bible are true.

It took six years to build the ark as the construction had trouble with funding.

The Ark was completed only after $92 million of local bonds was issued to help.

The 155 meter mostly wooden structure was previewed to thousands of supporters and media.

Ham believes the earth is only 6000 years old and that dinosaurs co-existed with humans. There are even some replica dinosaurs in his ark.

Noah’s Ark

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  1. I am a school student and I came across this article. I clicked on it because I am really into Christian stuff. If I could actually see what Noah’s ark looked like I would imagine it to look like this.

  2. My family are all Christians, so I think that building a life-size ark is a great idea to show people how amazing it was.

  3. The thing about dinosaurs and humans co-existing is true. There is SOO much evidence out there but some people aren’t looking at it!!

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