Reading helps children’s maths

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A new study by the Institute of Education has shown that children who read for pleasure are  better at both English and Maths.

The study examined the reading habits of 6,000 children.

The study showed those who had read often at the age of 10 and read more than once a week by the time they were 16  performed better than those who had read less.

The findings showed that there was a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary, a 9.9% advantage in maths and an 8.6% advantage in spelling, once parents’ background and reading habits were taken into account.

The study’s author Dr Alice Sullivan explained that they believe that reading improves vocabulary but also improves the brains ability to absorb new information.

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21 Responses

  1. I read for 30 mins a night every night a week.
    So I must be really smart.
    What you have wrote I believe is true because I am in the highest group for maths and reading.

  2. haha i read alot, and everyone, stop saying ur smart. its probably true but theres no need to brag. jeez

  3. That makes sense. I read for about an hour a day, and I am top in English, got into the national spelling bee, and can do maths four years above my expected age. It must help science too, because I got top 1% of the country in the ICAS.

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