Rat explosion hits Sydney

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A rat explosion has hit the Australian city of Sydney.

Rats have seen a cut into their food supply due to Covid-19.

It is estimated that Sydney has around one billion rodents.

The City of Sydney’s rat catching team has caught more than double the number of rats in March than it did in February.

Rats are normally nocturnal, out foraging when cafe and restaurant rubbish bins are full after an evening of trading.

However, since the coronavirus lockdown rats have been spotted in daylight hours around peoples’ homes.

One Sydney woman reported her pet cat had killed three rats, and another reported two in her backyard.

The combination of less available food combined with recent wet weather had encouraged rats to seek food, and possibly shelter, in suburban homes.

10 Responses

  1. That’s bad! And crazy! But quite interesting that with the lockdown the rodents going out at day because there’s less dangers.

  2. this is really not good since there is covid19 and rats and other pest could give it to elders or youger people

  3. I hope the people in Sydney is alright and not getting anymore germs from those dirty rats because we’ve already got covid 19 spreading all over the world!

  4. i hope that those rat catchers are catching all the rats they can. i wouldn’t like to live in sydney at the moment. hope everyone is okay out there in australia from sophiah

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