Python swallows BBQ tongs

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A hungry python has an appetite for an unusual object, in particular, a large pair of barbeque tongs.

His owner, Aaron Rouse from Australia said he was using the tongs to feed a rat to his pet python. The snake, named Winston, grabbed onto the tongs and would not let go.

Aaron was unable to retrieve the tongs from Winston’s mouth and so he left them in the cage. He returned later to find Winston has swallowed them whole.

The vet he was taken to could not believe his eyes at the size of the tongs the python had swallowed. He performed a surgery and removed the tongs without injuring Winston.

The image shows an x-ray of the tongs inside the python’s body.


The clip on the tongs was at the bottom so they were open and would have been trying to expand the whole time. The vet said this would have been very uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Winston is in recovery and is doing fine.

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