Prom party takes a plunge

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A group of high school students in the US were heading off to their prom when they found themselves in a pond after a footbridge collapsed beneath them.

22 students were posing on the wooden bridge in Nebraska for a pre-prom photo, when they were dumped into a metre-deep pond when the bridge collapsed.

The teens escaped the incident with only some minor scrapes but their prom night disaster became a viral sensation after one of the victims posted photos on Twitter.

Despite their ruined tuxedos and waterlogged dresses, the teens all made it to prom, although some of them opted to change into past years’ outfits.

Its safe to say, this isn’t a prom night any of them are going to forget any time soon.

Article written by  D Mulhern

3 Responses

  1. I would have thought that the bridge was strong enough to hold everyone on it. It obviously wasn’t though. hopefully they can get replacement dresses and tuxedos.
    I think that the bridge was probably not very stronng

  2. WOW I wonder how angry they would be with their dresses and tuxedo’s.
    That must have been the worst prom ever!!

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