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This New Yorker loves weddings so much that she now attends them as a job…as a bridesmaid for hire!

26 year old Jen Glantz enjoyed the role of a bridesmaid at all of her friends’ weddings and was so good at it that she has now turned it into a professional job.

Jen now attends weddings as a bridesmaid to complete strangers for a price, this role including helping to write speeches, lifting the bride’s dress on trips to the bathroom, and getting guests onto the dance floor.

Jen says she loves this job and has always enjoyed being a part of any wedding – her favourite moment seeing the bride walk down the aisle.

The New Yorker was surprised by the amount of messages she has received in response to her advertising, and has had invitations and job offers from all over the US and from countries as far as Vietnam, Turkey and Australia.

Jen also hopes that she will find her own Mr Right at one of these weddings, and always tries to catch the bouquet.

With all those handsome men in suits, we’re sure she’ll find the perfect man!

Check out the pics below of Jen at some of the weddings she has attended…and look at the dresses! What do you think? Best job ever?

Article written by  D Mulhern







12 Responses

  1. OMG I would love this job. It would be so fun. You would get to wear new dresses and EVERYTHING. I just love weddings they are so fun and always really beautiful.

  2. Who would hire a bridesmaid for a wedding? Plus it would cost money to have her hired. What’s the point?

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