Prince George off to school

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Prince George will attend a $10,647NZD  per term school later this year.

The decision on his school was announced recently by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The co-educational prep school, named Thomas’s in Battersea, is in the heart of a middle class area of London, just across the Thames from Kensington Palace.

Thomas’s prides itself on a ’rounded education’, with as much emphasis on kindness as academic results – although many of its 540 boys and girls, aged four to 13, go on to top public schools such as Eton.

George had been widely predicted to attend his father and uncle Harry’s former school, Wetherby, in Kensington.

Currently, George has been attending a $10-an-hour Westacre Montessori nursery, near the family’s country home in Norfolk.

27 Responses

  1. man he is got pretty big now be for you know it he will be married and
    have kids and have a wife and his kids will be princes and prince
    man they must have a lot of money that family in London they must get
    a lot of fame.

  2. man he has growen up preetey quick
    man thatis so amzing heel have
    kids before you know it and have a wife and
    then his kids will prince and princes
    that famliey must have a lot of
    money there rich he is big now.

  3. Wowsers that is so expensive! oh well I hope he at least gets a good education out of it ?

  4. “Rounded Education”? What codswallop! I hope he’s getting extra tutoring as well.

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