Prime Minster receives Covid-19 vaccination

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has had her Covid-19 vaccination in Auckland.

Ardern was vaccinated along with the Chief Science Advisor Juliet Gerrard.

After her injection, Ardern said that the injection was “pretty pain free” and felt better than having the flu vaccination.

Earlier she said: “For me it’s a really big milestone to be a part of what is the biggest vaccination event and the biggest health rollout of our history is a really important milestone for me.”

Ardern has recently announced the roll out strategy of the vaccine to the wider population.

Those aged 60 or over would be eligible from 28 July, and those aged 55 and over from 11 August.

Further age cohorts would be confirmed following more Pfizer shipments in July.

Currently only 7.7% of the population is fully vaccinated. However, the government is happy with the progress of the immunisation programme.

There are over 340,000 people in the country who are fully vaccinated, and some time next week, it’s expected the millionth dose will be administered.

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  1. Why do we need to write a article about the prime minister having a vaccine no one cares lots of other people like my grandma had a vaccine!

  2. Sorry to say this Shem Banbury but i have been finding many spelling mistakes on your articles. In this one the title has the word “Minister” spelled wrong.

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