Pretty Pits

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Women around the world are trying out an unusual new beauty trend and its a rather colourful one!

This new craze has got women growing out their armpit hair and then dying it a bright colour! A huge supporter and one of the founders of this new trend is Roxie Hunt, a hairstylist in Seattle. Roxie believes that women should embrace their underarm hair instead of feeling forced to shave it off as is expected for women.

Instagram is now flooded with women sharing pictures of their own brightly coloured underarms, along with the hashtag #dyedpits.

One new fan of the trend says she dyed her underarms bright blue after years of struggling to hide her thick, dark body hair due to the expectation that women should be hairless. She recommends growing out armpit hair to everyone!

What do you think? Would you dye your armpits?

Article written by  D Mulhern

32 Responses

  1. i would not dye my armpits because what say you have to shave and your pits are dyed they stain!


    But No NO no noooooooooooooooo Thank you No Offence but that is disturbing no no and no… : Ewwwww

  3. I love the idea of it but it’s a bit wierd that you would die it and that women would hairy armpits

  4. that’s just disgusting gross and very ugly, why on earth would someone want to do it. but i like the idea of making it the color of your own skin.

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