Premier League restarts

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The Premier League season for 2020/21 has started.

This season will have quite a few changes because of the coronavirus.

The first game of the season saw Fulham play Arsenal.

Premier League teams have not spent as much money on new players this season as they have in the past few years, but there have still been some big signings.

Everton have raised a lot of eyebrows in signing a player who, not long ago, was regarded as one of the world’s best. James Rodriguez signed for Real Madrid after wowing everyone at the 2014 World Cup.

The favourites for the title are Liverpool. They won the title last year and look strong again this year. However, as usual Kiwi Kids News will be support Tottenham Hotspur – the best club in the world.

25 Responses

  1. so they wining
    i dont watch soccer i only play it
    go go positivety that’s the way to think you can do it ohhhh yay

  2. Tottenham Hotspur is the worst I support Arsenal and Tottenham lost their first game and Arsenal won 3-0. SO ARESNAL is the best.

  3. I support Manchester City but they made a dumb mistake by selling Leroy Sane and replacing him with Ferran Torres. Everton are looking strong with signing James Rodriguez and Allen. Go City.

  4. tottenham hotspur is definately the best team in my opinion. they might not win all there matches but they are still the best

  5. tottenham are not the best team in the world brazil are so booo tottenham
    but i support liverpool and i have since i was born

  6. they won 5-2 against south hapttom son and harry kane was so good
    they are the best team in the world because I am south korean

  7. I support West Brom. They may not be the best, but they are a great club. Man city and liverpool are gonna be fighting for the title I reckon.

  8. I play soccer but I don’t watch it but I just support teams if I hear about it
    that’s to bad that its changing a little but I wonder what the scoers are?
    Arsenal is the best GO GO GO

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