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With Halloween around the corner, the pranksters are out to play with lots of ideas from some nasty tricks.

A handbook has been released with a list of pranks that are sure not to disappoint.

The handbook includes:

  • Replacing donut cream with mayonnaise – yuck!
  • Making Halloween toffee apples…with onions!
  • Replacing air freshener with ‘shrimp spray’ which can be found at fishing stores.
  • Taping a blow horn behind a door so it hits the buzzer when opened – that’ll scare them!
  • Replacing roll on deodorant with cream cheese … ewww
  • Switching the gender signs on bathroom doors, that could be embarrassing.

The handbook is full of promising pranks, but it does warn that your victims may end up hating you, or could result in a prank war! So be careful who you prank this Halloween…or perhaps instead of tricks you should stick with treats.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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  1. Everybody who has ever annoyed me is going to get it now………. Mwhahahahah

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