Polynesian Canoe makes it round the world

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A traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe has returned to Honolulu in Hawaii, completing the first-ever round-the-world trip by such a vessel.

The boat, the Hokule’a, took three years to journey around the globe.

Its crew navigated without modern instruments, using only the stars, wind and ocean swells as guides.

They aimed to use the same techniques that brought the first Polynesian settlers to Hawaii hundreds of years ago.

Built in the 1970s, it has travelled around 40,000 nautical miles (74,000km) on this latest trip, known as the Malama Honua voyage, meaning “to care for our Island Earth”.

The boat had a crew of 12 or 13 people at a time

10 Responses

  1. How’d they survive the journey? they would need to take food,but then they’d run out! Maybe they ate fish???

  2. Wow! I’m a Polynesian. I love islands and their culture. That is how Maori traveled around the world using the stars and the wind.

  3. whatttt do they even have food if they did this would be like a 3 year on water campout picnic

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