Pokemon Go Master

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A United States Pokemon Go player has just become the first reported player to catch them all after completing the North American Pokedéx.

User ftb_hodor has reached expert level on the game after catching every Pokémon currently available in the United States.

He caught a total of 142 Pokémon to complete the Pokedéx!

This involved a lot of walking. The New York City-based player revealed he walked 153.2km while hunting Pokémon, catching a total of 4,269 Pokémon and hatching 303 eggs along the way.

The Pokémon Go craze has gone global since the launch of the game on July 6.

Pokemon Go takes over the world

15 Responses

  1. I played Pokemon (not Go, the actual nintendo games) before it was cool and everyone knew what it was.

  2. impossible, the three legendary birds, ditto mewtwo isn’t in the game yet but they are in the pokedex

  3. its only possible if he travels to a different country because there is certain pokemon in different countries and there is a few pokemon that are coded in the game but are not able to be caught so he’s lying

  4. its not possible because some of the pokemon that are in the pokedex are not able to be caught in the game so there is no posible way to compleate the pokedex.

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