Planet Mercury shrinking

The US space agency NASA has found that the planet Mercury has shrunk since it first formed.

Mercury is about four miles smaller from its centre to the surface today than when its formed over four billion years ago.

Scientists believe that Mercury has a liquid core, like Earth.

As its core has cooled down over millions of years the planet has shrunk a little bit.

This has caused the surface of the planet to scrunch up causing mountain-like areas called scarps.

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6 years ago

I did not know that. that is really good information.

MR space dude
6 years ago

Aw.I love that planet.

6 years ago

My teacher, my best friend and I think how is this possible! Wonder how and if it is because mercury has a liquid core like earth!

crazy question
4 years ago

will planet earth shrink like planet mercury? they both have liquid core.

Steven Dunning
Steven Dunning
4 years ago

I like that planet.



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