Photo that messes with people’s mind’s

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Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari has decided to mess with everyone’s minds by posting this image on Instagram.

The picture features a group of girls sitting by some mirrors.

This creates an optical illusion, making it nearly impossible to tell how many girls are in the image.

The photo was taken as part of an art Instagram hashtag project.

Some think there are some identical twins involved, some have argued that there are four and others have said there are three.

One theory is that there are only two girls in the photograph.

In the comments, the photographer has attempted to clear things up.

She said she has only two daughters.

This probably means the girls in the photo are her daughters, and there are only two of them.

43 Responses

  1. There’s a mirror in the middle and the another in front of the girl closest to the article

  2. At first i thought it was 4 girls than my friend told me it was 2 and it all made sense.

  3. At first i was like, theres only two, no theres three, but i think theres four. But i don’t know LOL

  4. Two Girls, Two Mirrors. The Illusion is created by both mirrors.

    The mirrors the 2 girls are facing reflects the image like a normal mirror does. But the mirrors are facing towards each other, which means, that the original image the mirror reflects, is bounced of onto the other mirror which creates the illusion that there are multiple girls.

    If you get a mirror and face it towards another mirror, it looks like there is a never ending portal or something. You can do this at home as well.

    That is how the illusion is created.

    Try this at Home:
    All you need is:
    2 Mirrors.
    I recommend just one Big Mirror, like a simple Big Bathroom mirror in the bathroom, and 1 medium sized mirror. Simply just a makeup mirror, which you can probably find in your Mums purse (I’m not saying to look through your Mums Purse of course) Just ask for it.


    Step 1) Go into the bathroom with your mirror. All of you should have a mirror in your bathroom.
    Step 2) Hold up the medium sized mirror and face the actual mirror part towards the bathroom mirror.
    Step 3) You should see multiple mirrors or images which may look like a magical portal or something
    Step 4) Watch/Look and enjoy!

  5. here is a method I tried and I dont know if it works but hear goes
    count the all the mirrors that you see and times them with how ever many people there are it could be 2 4 ore even 1 they can all be different depending on how many you see that is going to be your answer

  6. yo
    i know there are to
    because i do it all the time with my siblings and cousins
    (just kidding)

  7. hah yall done goofed there is two mirrors and two girls and their both looking in to one do you see?

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