The ‘NoPhone’

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A new ‘phone’ has been launched in order battle internet addiction and is completely technology free.

Known as the ‘NoPhone’, the lump of smartphone shaped plastic has no screen or battery and cannot send texts or make calls. The NoPhone was designed to help phone addicts stay connected with the real world, and reduce the amount of cinema trips, concerts and days out with friends being ruined by people constantly staring at phone screens.

The concept for the NoPhone has been launched on a website where people pledge money to develop the product – so far the NoPhone has already raised more than $7000.


Article written by D Mulhern

26 Responses

  1. I reakon this no phone thing is a waste of money its not gonna help any one at all, My parents even think its stupid… I don’t think it will help people…

  2. that’s very good for people.

    these days people are addicted to it just like people can’t leave smoking or drinking

  3. This is an ok idea but I still think people should have phones like if their car is stuck in mud then they can call for help or if you can’t meet someone and you need to text them to let them know.

  4. I should buy one for my mum, and dad, and little sister. None of them ever spend time with me because of their phone

  5. I don’t have a phone anyway so it doesn’t concern me, But my big sister might need it she is addicted to the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think this is weird because you basically pay for a piece of plastic! Any way I don’t use my phone much and I don’t feel like I’m missing out so those people should just refuse the amount of time on their phones. ?

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