To pay or not to pay

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A 5 year old boy has received an invoice demanding payment for missing his school friend’s birthday party. The party hosts have threatened to take the boy and his family to court if they do not pay for the activities that they had planned even though he did not attend.

Alex Nash’s father, Derek, found the invoice in his son’s school-bag, requesting payment of £15.95 (NZ $31.14) for not showing up to a birthday party at the ski centre in Cornwall.

At first Alex’s father thought that the invoice was a joke, however the party hosts have threatened to take them to court if they do not pay up.

Alex accepted the invite to his friend’s birthday before the Christmas holidays, however his family had already arranged to visit his grandparents and Mr Nash did not have any contact details to let the hosts know.

Alex’s dad asked his son what he would rather do – go to the party or go with him to spend time with his grandparents – the 5 year old chose to spend the day with his family.

When school started again the family tried to get in touch with the hosts to apologize but never saw them at the school – not long after, the invoice showed up in Alex’s bag.

Alex’s family have tried many times to apologize but do not play to pay any money. The birthday boy will no longer play with Alex at school.

Would you pay for a party you did not attend?

Article written by  D Muhern

16 Responses

  1. That is outrageous that they would be suing a five year old boy for not attending a birthday
    That isnt right

  2. MAN THATS JUST WRONG. I bet the hosts must be pretty dumb. thats not even that much. Man, a nerve with some people

  3. what the… thats just wrong the parents of the birthday boy must must be real annoyed that that boy didn’t show up, but it was kind of their fault for not leaving a contact number.

  4. Geez, how could you do that? That’s shocking. Those hosts have nerve.

  5. That’s really rude, especially as the boy CHOSE to be with his Grandparents. Maybe the Birthday Boy was jealous? All I can say is, next time, put some contacts details on the invitation. Won’tcha’!

  6. Hey there angry parents welcome to the “its okay” centre here why don’t you talk with the boys parents…..BUT CALM DOWN WHY DON’T YOU!

  7. WHAT THE HECK? how do they even consider SUEING a 5 year old! this is crazy!
    its just a birthday party seriosly

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