No more packed lunches

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Six children have been removed from a primary school in England after the headmistress banned packed lunches.

Parents were informed about the new food policy on the last day of the school term in July, and despite many parents calling to complain about the decision, the movement went ahead.

Angry parents say that they like there children to have packed lunches so that they know their kids are having a nutritious meal and that the food is something their children will like and eat.

Packed lunches also save families a lot of money instead of having to pay for canteen lunches. However, the new policy now leaves parents the option to either let children have a school cooked lunch or go home.

There is only one meal option so if kids do not like what is being served, they go hungry.

One family angrily told reporters that the cost for their two children to go along with this new policy amounts to an extra £682.50 a year just for the lunches and they feel even worse for friends they know with four children.

The headmistress says that the school is not forcing anyone to do anything and that there is the option for parents to take their kids home for lunch if they do not wish to pay for school meals. However for many parents this is not possible around their work commitments.

So far there have been 6 children from 3 families removed from the school.

Article written by  D Mulhern

40 Responses

  1. ok i know making my lunch is bad but still banning it from school is that even possible wat if u are allergic to the food! this is cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would so move school thats just not cool not cool at all parents might not have change everyday for their kid to go bye lunch and they might be working so they can’t pick up their kid to go home to have lunch PACKED LUNCH IS BEST have they thought about the fruit?

  3. well i think its not fair what if the child is alirgic and the mom or dad is at work and cant come to help. You cant do this the school probubly wants more money.

  4. That is not good because if the kid has an allergy then they can’t eat lunch! Also parents might not be able to take their kid home for lunch which means they’re stuck with yuck food!

  5. That is not fair at all I bet you will have everyone suspended and they will say your a bad school so no one goes there anymore.

  6. What!? They banned packed lunches!! What next?! Banned Ice-Cream? Pie? Fish & Chips? That is just crazy!!

  7. that is mean to the kids at that school I feel like they should get packed lunch since some of them can get allergies 🙁

  8. That is just sad. Which crazy person would ban PACKED LUNCHES, for no good reason!!!!!! Why why why why why?????? What if you have an allergy and can’t eat the school lunch. You’d have to go hungry for the rest of the day. How unpleasant!!!!!!

  9. man that is not cool to band packed lunches and making the kids starve if they did not like the food the school had so not cool whats rong with that school??????????????.

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