One Direction movie premiere in the UK

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Thousands of fans have greeted One Direction in the UK for their premiere This Is Us.

Some fans have been waiting since Sunday night to get a prime spot to watch the boys arrive on the red carpet.

The film, which is out in the UK on August 29, follows the band on tour on their rise to worldwide fame.

Speaking at a press conference, ahead of Tuesday’s premiere, One D member Harry said making the film was a ‘strange’ experience.

“In a way it was really strange having the cameras around, but at the same time it didn’t make that much difference.

The movie is in 3D, and will be in New Zealand later in the year.

[youtube id=”C0I9ikjQtuI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Article written by  Erissa

1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

15 Responses

  1. That may be your thoughts, but you shouldn’t say things about people that you don’t even know anything about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This article was very informing, I am looking forward to watching there movie.
    Its amazing how many fans they have.

  3. If they were that bad, they wouldn’t have a million screaming fans. I’m not a Directioner, but I say they’re okay.

  4. Oh wow Turtleton. Even on this, your last name is Di Angleo. But, although the actual people, are weird, their songs are OK

  5. umm no they’re not because this is a NZ site and they’re all from England and Ireland honey

  6. Why don’t you?

    Anyway,if they are so bad, then why do so many people love them?

    And if they are really bad, then take a moment to think that millions of girls love 5 extremely terrible boys, and not you!


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