Oil rig blows ashore in Scotland

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A huge oil rig, carrying diesel oil, has been blown ashore on the Western Isles of Scotland.

The rig, which is called the Transocean Winner, was being moved from Norway to Malta when stormy weather hit and it became separated from the boat that was pulling it along.

Once free, it drifted and was pushed by the waves until it ended up at the beach of Dalmore, on the Isle of Lewis.

The coastguard said no one was on board the rig but they have stopped people going to the beach to keep everyone safe.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch in Scotland has now started an inquiry into what happened when the rig broke free.

People are now working to recover some of the 280 tons of diesel on board the rig. Environmental groups are worried about pollution but coastguards say the risk to the local area is low.

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