No oil found off New Zealand

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American oil company Anadarko says its first New Zealand attempt to find oil off the New Zealand coast has been disappointing.
The company had been drilling about 160km off the Raglan coast. However, they didn’t find enough oil for them to start a full time oil rig.
The drilling ship drilled down 4619m on the ocean floor and was in about 1500m of water.
The firm said the well they used would be abandoned and plugged in accordance with New Zealand regulations.
the company will now move to a site off the Canterbury Basin which is out from the Otago coast.

The US company’s New Zealand exploration programme has been controversial. Environmental groups have questioned the safety and danger to wild life if there was an oil spill.

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9 Responses

  1. We think that deep sea drilling off the coast of New Zealand is bad. We are happy that no oil was found. We hope that none will be found in the future.
    Charlie & Jordan.

  2. We think that they should not be drilling for oil off the beautiful coasts of New Zealand, in case there is a large oil spill, which would be terrible for our environment.
    Ben And Jayden

  3. Deep sea drilling is very sickening for the environment and would have killed many of new Zealand’s sea life. Therefore I am happy that the drilling was unsuccessful Tia & Paytrah

  4. We think that deep sea drilling is not for New Zealand. This does not fit with the New Zealand clean and green slogan.It might be for other countries but not for New Zealand.
    Tyler Boyes And Mitchell McLeod.

  5. We are happy that the oil company did not find any oil off the coast of Raglan because if they did find any oil and it leaked into the ocean then many of our wildlife in the sea would die and that would be a great loss to our ocean.
    Trent and Toby

  6. yay! have done a project on oil drilling and i am so glad that the exploration attempts have been bad. lets hope they cant find any oil so we can keep NZ clean and green!

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