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A pair of Nike shoes worn by basketball legend Michael Jordan have sold for a record-breaking $2.3 million at a Las Vegas auction.

The shoes were worn by Jordan during his first season with the Chicago Bulls.

The white and red Nike Air Ships, which were worn by Jordan during his fifth game with the Bulls in 1984, set a new world record as the most valuable game-worn shoes ever sold from any sport when they fetched the top bid.

The shoes have been autographed by the basketball superstar.

The sale beat the previous record of $615,000, which was set when a pair of shoes worn by Jordan during a 1985 exhibition game were sold by auctioneers Christie’s in August 2020.

A man in Windsor UK has been hit by a huge poo dropped from an airplane.

The rather unfortunate experience occurred in July of this year but has just hit the news.

The victim wants to remain nameless but went to their local City Councilor to complain about the event.

Councilor Karen Davies – who looked into the incident – said the whole garden was covered in poo after it was apparently dropped from an aircraft. The victim had just been working in his garden at the time of the unfortunate event.

The Council also believe the warm weather meant the poo may have ‘come out as a more “fluidy” than usual.’

Plane toilets normally store sewage in special tanks and contents are usually disposed of after landing. However, sometimes planes discharge the poo, often over the sea, before landing.

Experts believe this is a one in billion chance of this happening.

An Australian wool farmer has found a lamb from his flock with five legs.

To make things more crazy the leg was growing out of its head.

The sheep will now become a family pet because of an unusual feature.

Sam Kuerschner, of Orroroo, South Australia, said he was taking a break from shearing when his father noticed something unusual about one of the lambs in the pen.

He said the extra leg was made all the more unusual by the fact that it’s coming out of the back of the animal’s head.

The fully formed leg come out the back of the head. It includes a bone, joints and it’s even got a sort of hoof on the end of it. The legs seems to be attached to the sheep just through skin or flesh, rather than a bone joint.

Veterinarian Paul Nilon of Perth estimated one in 200,000 sheep are born with an extra limb.

“The most common variation I’ve seen is where you have an additional foot and hoof growing out the side of the lower leg, but I have seen at least one growing from the head,” he said.

A new Batman movie is on the horizon.

The new film will be known as ‘The Batman’, and will be released on March 4, 2022.

The movie was originally due out in June 2021 and then October 2021, with both delays being put down to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be the first stand alone Batman film since 2012.

The big news is that the new Batman will be portrayed by none other than Robert Pattinson. The ‘Twilight’ star was a controversial choice, but he is determined to make the role his own and bring a new take to the DC superhero.

Catwoman will be played by Zoe Kravitz, who has previously voiced the same character in The Lego Batman Movie. Meanwhile, Paul Dano will play the Riddler, who will also be a major character in this new iteration.

A Turkish woman has been announced as the world’s tallest woman.

This week the Guinness World Records officially named Rumeysa Gelgi the tallest woman alive. She measured in at 215.16cm (7ft 0.7in).

Her height is caused by a medical condition called Weaver syndrome. This is when your body grows very quickly.

Gelgi hopes to inspire others to accept themselves after being named the tallest in the world.

The 24-year-old said: “Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential and do your best.”

The tallest man in the world is Turkey’s Sultan Kosen, who was measured at 251cm (8ft 2.8in) in 2018.

The tallest woman to have lived was China’s Zeng Jinlian, who was measured at 246.3cm (8ft 1in) before her death in 1982.

A British man has broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest lawnmower.

Tony Edwards is a mechanical engineer from St. Martins, Shropshire, England.

His lawnmower reached a speed of 23okm per hour when he took it for a spin at Elvington Airfield in York, England.

Edwards became interested in building the world’s fastest lawnmower about two years ago and built the lawnmower from scratch. He did need the help of a welding expert to help with some of the chassis work.

The lawnmower is powered by a 1300cc motor from a Suzuki motorcycle.

Guinness also stipulated that the lawn mower had to be able to actually cut grass. Check out the video below.

A Kangaroo has escaped from a German circus.

This is the second time it has escaped in the last week, however, this time it fled into the woods.

Officials from the Circus Alessio said Skippy, the Tasmanian kangaroo, escaped outside the town of St. Georgen.

Drivers on a country road reported spotting the kangaroo. But Skippy had fled into the Black Forest when circus workers arrived.

The circus workers are now taking shifts searching the woods for the runaway kangaroo.

A pair of brothers in India have broken a Hot Wheels Guinness World Record.

Rohan and Rahul Dayal of Mumbai designed a Hot Wheels toy car track with 10 loops. It took them three days to build the adjustable-angle wooden platform to hold their track.

Rohan Dayal said they decided to take on the world record for most ‘loop the loops’ in a Hot Wheels track after learning the previous record had stood at eight.

“Testing was initially with few loops and as we increased the loops and the length of the track, the project became challenging,” Rohan Dayal said afterwards.  

The brothers said they are now considering attempting to beat their own record by adding more loops to the track.